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The idea for my Impressions Expressed Now & News(letter) was born during my birthday celebration in March 2018. I had organised a ceremony with friends and family who had played an important role in the 30 years of my life thus far. It was a moment to look back in gratitude as well as to lean into the future changes with regard to work, my home and more. A moment to set the intention to listen to and follow my heart and the calling of nature. A moment to feel this holding space of love and support from friends and family that I am so grateful for.

After the ceremony, during an abundant potluck meal I was speaking to a dear friend, when I realised I was going to write a newsletter. Even if it was just for this group of family and friends. Foreseeing that the months to come my home ‘coordinates’ would change regularly, and my work would evolve quite organically, too, it felt good to send an update once in a while. A couple of days later, here it was and still is: Impressions Expressed Now & News. Oh, it felt great to ‘just do it’.

Still, I like to keep you posted about my latest adventures and developments around working from the heart and following the calling to live closer to nature. Writing these emails to me feels like nourishing and extending the power of above mentioned holding space. Knowing that you and others receive and read my words makes writing feel personal and joyful (most of the time haha, of course I also have times when words don’t flow – then it just takes a little longer for a new update to come).

Feel free to subscribe if you haven’t done so already.



PS. Sefrijn took beautiful photographs of the ceremony and the people present, as well as this one of the mandala that was collectively created in the middle of the circle.

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