Sarah Sounds

[Photograph by Forestia Arts]

I love to express myself in music. Simple songs that come straight from the heart. You can find some recordings of mine on Soundcloud:


Or watch and listen on Youtube (see more video’s below):


I will share my voice more and more online and offline. Do you know of a beautiful setting where my presence and sound would be of service? I love to hear of concert opportunities, festivals, ceremonies or celebrations, retreats or family rituals you’d like me and my music to be part of.

Besides singing myself, I love to connect people with themselves and each other by singing together. In such a circle, we create a safe, loving space where we can play with and explore our voices. No experience or skills required. Keep an eye on this site and my Now & Newsletter  to stay posted about events like these.

Interested? Questions? Invitations? Please contact me, I look forward to your message!



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