Step in and play your part

We all have our part to play. We all have a choice to step into life, to be present and take our responsibility. We can choose to feel and express, notice and act. There are these moments when it is very clear to us that we have choice. Often these moments entail situations we’ve stumbled […]

On really diving in…

Here’s what’s alive in me about my going to Plum Village tomorrow. … I’m wondering what place this practice has in my life right now. Ever since an introduction week with Centrum voor Tantra a few weeks ago, I feel deeply motivated to dive more into tantra and integrate it in my life. It includes […]

About life in paradise

When it hit me Last Friday, I started doing the necessary practicalities for my departure. I did a laundry so as to arrive in Plum Village with clean clothes and to ensure Marloes can sleep in fresh bedsheets next week. I finally got the flat tire of the bike fixed and found the container to […]